Peter Gunz Explains Why He Doesn’t Regret Cheating On Amina Buddafly With Tara Wallace

Peter Gunz revealed why he can't entirely regret cheating on his wife Amina Buddafly with his ex of 12 years, Tara Wallace. The 'Marriage Bootcamp' star sat down with and spilled all the tea.

Why Peter Gunz Doesnt Regret Cheating
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Peter Gunz, 48, opened up about cheating on Amina Buddafly with his ex Tara Wallace and how he’s finally coming to terms with his choice to do so. Both his wife and former flame ended up getting pregnant at the very same time and although it was a tough experience for all to endure, Peter is trying to look at the bright side. “It’s dead wrong, but like I’m saying the end result is I have these beautiful babies so it’s hard to say, you know, I wish I hadn’t done it,” he told EXCLUSIVELY. “It’s almost like regretting a child.” Peter and Amina are currently married and their 5-year wedding anniversary is coming up. However, they have been somewhat split for a year, as seen on season 7 of Love & Hip Hop: New York. She moved to LA while he resides in the Big Apple. Click to listen to the full interview here on the HollywoodLife podcast!

“You know, I love the kids though,” Peter explained. “In hindsight, it’s a bad thing but the babies are here so it’s hard for me to look at is as a bad thing now because I’m looking at it as the end result. I have these two beautiful babies but it was terrible to do that. Neither one of the [ladies], very beautiful, smart, deserve that. If it were my brother or sister I would, I would be disgusted and angry at me, as her family can be sometimes, especially sometimes Tara’s family, you know. These are people I used to be with at Thanksgiving dinners with and they won’t even look at me any more. That’s hard. But at the end of the day, it’s hard for me to regret the end result.”

“I was cheating, I won’t even lie,” Peter confessed to us EXCLUSIVELY. “I’m a terrible husband, terrible boyfriend, I can’t even deny that.” The reality star desperately tried to salvage his relationship with Amina on Marriage Bootcamp, since he couldn’t decide between the ladies. Despite her pain and heartbreaks, Amina still believes he has good intentions. “On TV, people don’t see how much of a good person he truly is,” she gushed, adding, “When you meet him in person and you’re around him, that’s the guy you get to know.”

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