Becky G Breaks Down Sobbing After She’s ‘Hurt’ In Ugly Fan Encounter: ‘I’m A Human Being’

After getting 'hurt' in an out-of-control fan incident, Becky G tearfully explains why it's dangerous for them to disobey security when they want to meet her. Watch the heart-wrenching video of her crying!

Becky G, 20, was ambushed by a mob of fans in Mexico City on Oct. 9, and she was obviously beyond shaken up by it! “I was just outside and there were so many fans…I’m so emotional,” the singer began in a Snapchat video, already crying her eyes out. “I need to say that [it] takes a couple fans to mess it up for everybody. You guys really need to listen when a security guard says to step back. In this moment I actually got hurt,” she continued. Oh, no! Watch Becky’s emotional message to fans above.

“I’m a human being too, and we have our limits,” Becky explained of the incident, which occurred as she was on her way to do an interview. She doesn’t go into detail about how violent the situation was, but it was clearly enough to wreck her emotionally! She added: “Having dealt with anxiety for so long, things like this really affect me and who I am as a person. I know it’s all love and you guys showing your passion for me and my music, but please, next time…think.” That’s a pretty reasonable request, don’t you think? See more of Becky’s best pics here.

Becky also mentioned that she’s grateful for her fans’ dedication, but it’s what she had to do in the moment. “I love meeting you guys, but I hesitate sometimes because of situations like what just happened,” she said firmly. “I’m sorry I got out of there so quickly, but I really had to.” We’re here for you, Becks.

HollywoodLifers, do you feel bad that Becky got hurt when she was mobbed by fans?

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