Jordan Fisher Reveals Secret Behind His Bond With Lindsay & Teases ‘Scary’ Most Memorable Year Week

Some teams may have drama on 'Dancing with the Stars,' but not Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Arnold! caught up with Jordan exclusively this weekend and he gave us an insight about why their relationship just works.

“It’s interesting. There is a chemical balance that I think is evident in any kind of relationship whether it be romantic or a friendship or a working relationship or whatever,” Jordan Fisher, 23, told exclusively at T.J. Martell Foundation’s 8th Annual Family Day LA on Saturday. “So when you can go into an experience like this, it’s like a family orientation; it has been a incredible journey and one that I don’t want to end!”

This week he and Lindsay Arnold will take on a Contemporary dance number to “Take Me Home” by Us The Duo. “We see each other everyday at rehearsals and what not. It is nice to have that family cultivation but it makes it increasingly difficult when people are leaving who work so hard,” he added. “The blood, sweat and tears are there, but it’s been a really great week. It is most memorable year week, so it is going to be fun and kind of scary to open up and show and tell the world about ourselves!”

His most memorable year that will be honored on Dancing with the Stars, was 2oo5, the year his maternal grandparents officially adopted him, as well as his two siblings; his mother was only 16 when giving birth so she could not raise them.

After last week’s number, Jordan and Lindsay landed in second place on the leaderboard, with a score of 25/30; they’ve been in the top group each week, but Jordan’s not necessarily worried. “Look at Nicole Scherzinger or Amber Riley who started off great and cultivated more of a fan base and kept working hard and they ended up winning. So it completely depends on the chemical balance of you and your partner and the relationship you have and how much you grow together and how much better you get each week,” he explained.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Jordan and Lindsay could win the mirror ball?

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