‘Below Deck’ Recap: Matt & Bri’s Date Is A Disaster & Captain Lee Adds A Crew Member

This week's 'Below Deck' was insane! Matt got wasted during his date with Bri and she was not about it. And, Captain Lee shocked the crew when he hired someone to pick up the slack. Now a crew member may go home!

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This week’s episode started off on an exciting note — Bri and Matt went out on a date! And, Matt was so nervous that he got wasted beforehand. He unknowingly brought Bri to a nude beach. However,  he made up for it when he unpacked a picnic he planned for her. Then, the date took a wrong turn when Matt continued to get wasted and came on too strong. Not to mention, it’s quite obvious that Nico and Bri have a thing for each other. When they got back to the boat, Bri confided in Bruno and admitted that she was not feeling Matt whatsoever. Meanwhile, when Matt sobered up, he was feeling major regret about his drunken actions during his date with Bri.

Switching gears, Captain Lee surprised the crew when he brought his longtime friend and former bosun, EJ. Although Captain Lee has a lot of faith in Nico, he felt as though he’s not ready to handle the role as bosun; which is a level above senior deckhand. And, Nico was pissed. Captain Lee told EJ that if people didn’t improve, they were going to be cut from the yacht crew.

Then it was time for the crew to work their next charter. The guests are not drinkers and they’re foodies. So, they were very observant and critical when it came to the dishes. What a time for Matt to be exhausted and off his game. The charter guests weren’t pleased; one guest had a steak that wasn’t cooked well and another had a risotto plate was “underdone.” Finally, their bananas foster dessert could have used a bit more ice cream. When Kate had to take the harsh feedback, she then told Matt, who “shrugged it off,” as she said. And, she wasn’t happy about that… you know Kate.

Day two of the charter didn’t exactly start out on a positive note. The guests were up bright and early and wanted coffee, but all of the crew members were sleeping and late for their shifts.

On another note, Nico spent the entire episode in a silent competition with EJ, who is a clear overachiever… no offense.

The episode ended with EJ slipping up on the dock, and it was the moment Nico was waiting for. And, that very moment transitioned into the epic previews for next week.

We’re in for a real treat next week because Nico and EJ go at it, as well as Jen and Bri!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Nico and Bri should get together?

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