‘Below Deck’ Recap: Tensions Run High When The Green Crew Nearly Crashes Valor

You could have cut the tension with a knife during this week's episode of 'Below Deck'! The deck crew damaged Valor and Captain Lee was furious! Major changes are coming and someone could be sent home!

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This week on Below Deck the morale was completely shifted on Valor, as the green crew members still couldn’t grasp the yacht life. And, the veterans nearly reached their breaking point. The crew had a new charter full of wild and fun women; so you knew they were going to be a handful. The episode started off with Baker and Chris basically crashing the yacht after they messed up the anchor process. Their mishap set Nico off, as well as Captain Lee. And, Nico was especially angry with Chris, who he referred to as careless and lazy.

Meanwhile, Jen and Kate were still butting heads. Kate gave Bri the afternoon off, which meant Jen had to deal with the very needy guests. And, Jen was overwhelmed. Later on in the episode Kate justified making Jen wear an afro wig for the guests, to earn her place like Bruno did when he posed as a human sushi platter. However, Jen felt as though Kate was “hazing” her.

Meanwhile, Kate and Bruno also got into it when Bruno wouldn’t participate in a conga line with the charter guests. Kate actually spoke to him in a calm manner, but he said he was tired. And, that’s when she questioned his willingness to earn tips. Although Bruno was seen as an improvement during this week’s episode, he quickly ruined it with his attitude toward Kate.

On the last day of the charter, the crew had to anchor in the yacht to secure it. And, when the deckhand crew couldn’t handle the task, per usual, Matt actually stepped in [with no experience] and completed the deck job! Captain Lee and Nico couldn’t believe the chef actually came in and did a better job than their own deck crew.

While the guests were beyond pleased, Captain Lee felt like the crew “got away with so much,” since it was one of the “worst” docks he’s seen in a while. That’s when he said that he was going to have to change the configuration of the crew; you know, that infamous scene we’ve been teased with since before season 5 started. At that moment, Nico was praying that Captain Lee would send Chris packing. On a real note, it seemed like Captain Lee was thinking about cutting a crew member… but who? While that was a mystery, the crew’s tip wasn’t; They ended up with a tip of $16000l; aka, $1540 each!

When the charter was completed, the crew went out for a wild night. And, that’s when Matt tried to pursue Bri. He even enlisted the help of Nico as his wingman. So, when he tried to ask her on a date, she got so awkward! Basically, it seemed like she wasn’t interested. When the crew hopped in the van to go home, Bri began to hit on Nico right in front of Matt. When they got back to the yacht, Bri knocked on Nico’s door and he called her beautiful… and, you know what can happen after that! The episode ends with Nico and Bri slipping into the dark!

In the previews for next week, it seems as though Matt lands in hot water when one of the next charter guests is a gourmet chef. Then Nico appears pissed when some new crew members inexpertly arrive at Valor!

HollywoodLifers, who do you think is the weakest link on the yacht?

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