Rose Burgandy Reveals He Wants To Marry Hazel-E While Meeting Her Mom In ‘L&HH’ Teaser

Hazel-E's mom finally comes face to face with her younger beau Rose Burgandy in our EXCLUSIVE teaser clip for 'L&HH: Hollywood.' Angela wants her 'pride and joy' to date a baller, but Rose has other plans!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of VH1

Hazel-E, 37, is ready to introduce the man of her dreams to her mommy dearest, but she’s feeling nervous about how their meeting is going to go down at LA hotspot Izakaya & Bar Fu-ga. “My amazing mother has flown into to catch up with her first-born,” she begins, in our EXCLUSIVE teaser clip for the Sept. 18 episode of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood. “I’ve been with Rose [Burgandy] for like 18 months now and he still hasn’t met my family.” Angela already has her concerns about her daughter dating a younger man, so things get even more awkward when Rose documents their first meeting on Instagram Live. Hazel says Angela can call him Denzel for today and her mom plays along for a while, asking Rose, “Tell me a little bit about yourself, Mr. Denzel, what do you do for a living?”

Hazel interjects and explains how she manages Rose’s career at the moment, but he jumps in. “I can speak for myself. I do a little bit of everything for your daughter and her business. I make sure she’s ready for work everyday, I make sure that everything goes right. I do what I gotta do.” That’s all fine and dandy to Angela, but she wants to know what his pocketbook is looking like. When he continues to say how he supports her emotionally and helps her hustle, Angela fires back, “You’ve definitely got to work on that job description.” The tension between the group reaches new heights when Hazel’s mom asks what his intentions are. Rose shockingly confesses, “I want to marry her!”

Angela asks if Rose can give them a minute after his admission and Hazel can sense the awkwardness. “So, just keeping it real,” Angela begins, explaining why he’ll never be able to give her stability. “I am concerned about your relationship with this young man. Clearly, he’s got some maturing to do. Where do you see yourself in this relationship in the next five years?” Hazel says he’d give her the “prettiest babies,” and also explains why she’s not interested in dating a baller! “If I go date a boss, or someone on my level, I have to cater to him,” Hazel admits. Angela wants Hazel to go for a guy like Daniel “Booby” Gibson, 31. Hazel’s known him for years, but we bet his new love interest Brooke Valentine, 32, wouldn’t like the competition!

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