‘Siesta Key’ Cast On Drama-Filled New Show & That ‘Laguna Beach’ Comparison

Is 'Siesta Key' the new 'Laguna Beach?' Well if you ask the cast of MTV's hottest new show, you may be surprised by their answer.

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Siesta Key Cast
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Alex, 22, Chloe, 21, Kelsey, 20, and Brandon, 22, all stopped into the HollywoodLife.com office to take some gorgeous glam shots (click through the gallery here!) and of course, talk about Siesta Key, MTV’s latest reality TV installment, from the producers of Laguna Beach. However, the cast isn’t so sure it’s that similar.

While Chloe admittedly was a big fan of Laguna Beach (and is a self-proclaimed “Kristin”), the rest of the cast isn’t so sure about the comparisons. “I didn’t watch either show,” Alex told us during the interview, adding that he doesn’t understand when Chloe says he’s the “Stephen” of the bunch. “A lot of reality TV has interviews in the middle — our show is like LB and The Hills, where we don’t do that. Lauren [Conrad] narrates, and on our show, each one of us narrate a different episode. You can see, whoever is mainly in that one episode, tells the story that week.”

As for the dynamic of the group, well, that’s a little trickier. Kelsey, 20, is the new girl in town who’s dating Garrett. Garrett went to high school with Chloe and Alex — the pair who have been friends only for years, but he wasn’t really part of their group in school. So when Kelsey starts working with Chloe, she and her beau gets thrown into the mix. As for Alex, he’s the playboy of the town — his high school sweetheart, Madisson is back in Siesta Key, as well as his old fling, Juliette, but it won’t only be the two of them in his life.

“I always am introducing Alex to new girls so don’t get so caught up on just that triangle,” Chloe told us, before teasing she may be in a triangle herself with Brandon. “We definitely have our little thing… it’s hard to be super serious in Siesta Key. Someone may play around, who knows if it’s him or me. One of us may bring in a third person… No matter what though, whether we’re together or not, we’ll always be friends. He’s the only person I don’t have drama with on the show.”

HollywoodLifers, will you be watching? Siesta Key premieres on July 31 at 10PM ET on MTV.

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