Cole Galotti: Star Fiercely Denies Cheating On His GF Danielle Cohn star Cole Galotti is clapping back at haters on Twitter who accused him of cheating on girlfriend Danielle Cohn. The internet superstar took to Twitter to deny the rumors vehemently and let his fans know that he loves Danielle and would never hurt her.

Danielle Cohn & Cole Galotti
Image Credit: Courtesy of Twitter’s Cole Galotti, 16, and Danielle Cohn, 13, have apparently been dating. The new couple went public on July 22, and just hours after their announcement, rumors started that Cole was allegedly cheating on his girlfriend. A photoshopped conversation between Cole and another girl, Kay McDonald, made the rounds on Twitter that made it seem like they were allegedly flirting. In one photoshopped tweet (since deleted), the unknown trickster had it look like Kay confessed that they allegedly slept together. Not true in the least says Cole!

Cole denied, denied, denied the serious accusations in a series of tweeted posted between July 23 and July 26. He clarified that he and Danielle are still together and totally in love. They fought, but they’ve gotten through their rough patch. And he admitted that he had a thing with Kay, but it was long before he got together with Danielle. “I have nothing to hide, I will say this. I was not dating Dani when any of this stuff happen..,” he first tweeted. “I would like to confirm that the “tweets” I supposedly posted that were super negative were photoshopped!!! It’s disgusting that someone is so bored with their life they photoshop tweets to make people look bad.

“I also want to clarify, I did not have sex with anyone. I’m actually still very much a virgin..I didn’t have sex with anyone. I never had..this stuff literally happened before Dani and I started to date. I also want to just say, I never cheated,” he tweeted. “All of this stuff with this girl happened BEFORE I dated Danielle. This is all for numbers and attention because I chose my girl over her (Kay)..don’t be fooled.

“I apologize for the mess, drama is no longer apart [sic] of my life. Danielle and I never broke up..I had a super bad anxiety and panic attack. I love Danielle with all my heart and would like to tell y’all — That Danielle and I are still dating. We both worked things out. Drama got the best of both of us, but we did work it out #Cani.”

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