Stevie Ryan’s Fans Are Furious With Jenelle Evans After She Tweets About Nemesis’ Death

Stevie Ryan fans are appalled at 'Teen Mom' star Jenelle Evans after she tweeted about her enemy's death on July 3. See what she said about the YouTuber in the now-deleted tweet, here.

Jenelle Evans and Stevie Ryan
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Former MTV star Stevie Ryan passed away of an apparent suicide in her home on July 3 at the age of 33. After the devastating news broke of her death, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans, 25, took to Twitter with a message saying “I know we pretty much hated each other but I’m sorry you had to go so soon pretty girl. #RIP.” However, the tweet was soon deleted because of massive fan backlash. See pics of Stevie, here.

So why were fans so angry at the seemingly sincere tweet? After past feuds, they believed Jenelle was using Stevie’s death to get attention for herself. “Jenelle Evans, you f*cking attention seeking POS, Stevie hated you for a reason. You only hated her bc she saw you for what you truly are,” one fuming fan wrote. Another agreed, tweetingJenelle using Stevie‘s death to gain attention/sympathy is disgusting. I wish karma would come for her already. She’s an awful person.”

If you’re wondering why Jenelle would say she and Stevie “hated each other,” it goes back to their long history of beef. In 2014 Stevie commented on Jenelle’s custody battle with her mother, to which Jenelle responded “Who [are you] again? Yeah, washed up wanna-be reality star.” Stevie then said she would give her a “whoopin.”+ Then, when Stevie was co-hosting Brody Jenner’s talk show, Jenelle shared a poster with herself and Brody instead.

Here is the deleted tweet:

HollywoodLifers, do you think it was heartfelt of inappropriate for Jenelle to tweet about Stevie’s death? Let us know!

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