Pretty Little Liars’ 7-Season Relationship Chart Of ‘Makeouts & Murders’ Will Blow Your Mind

We never knew how badly we needed a relationship chart for 'PLL' until Freeform released the most complicated one we've ever seen on June 29. Dang, those girls made out with a lot of men!

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Freeform

If you watched the June 27 series finale of Pretty Little Liars, then you already know who A.D. is. But if you’re anything like us, then you may have forgotten a lot of hookups and murders that happened over the course of the past seven seasons and 160 episodes. Fortunately, Freeform released a relationship chart — a very complicated one — of all the series’ “makeouts and murders” on June 29, and it’s the best thing ever! This chart brings back so many amazing memories, and we’re living for it. Also, click here to see pics from the epic series finale.

Based on the chart, it looks like Spencer and Aria had the most hookups out of everyone in the series. Spencer had 8, including Toby, Caleb, Wren and more, while Aria had 10, including Jason, Holden, Ezra and Andrew! If only we were as lucky in love in real life as they were on TV. Then, our life would be great. It also doesn’t hurt that half the men they locked lips with are super hot!

The relationship chart also highlights all the murders that happened over the course of the series’ seven seasons. Some we’re crying over (Maya), and others, we’re…. well, not (Charlotte). And then there’s Noel, who we wish we could have seen one more time before the series came to a close earlier this week. Sure, he was a bit evil, but Brant Daugherty is also super hot. Seriously — have you seen his recent Instagram pics? Woof! Anyway, take a list at the chart below and relive all your favorite PLL memories!

HollywoodLifers, which relationship in the series was your all-time favorite? Tell us below!

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