Joseline Hernandez Reportedly Called CPS On Mimi Faust During ‘L&HH’ Reunion Show

Tensions between the 'Love & Hip Hop' drama queens reached new heights on the explosive reunion show on May 31. Apparently Joseline Hernandez called Child Protective Services on frenemy Mimi Faust, according to a new report. Yikes!

Joseline Hernandez And Mimi Faust
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Clean fights don’t exist on set of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta anymore — these women are hitting below the belt! During the May 31 reunion episode, Joseline Hernandez, 30, called Child Protective Services on Mimi Faust, 47, according to The Shade Room. The Puerto Rican Princess claims Mimi couldn’t provide a safe living situation for her and Stevie J‘s daughter, Eva, and that’s why she launched the investigation. Being a mother herself, Joseline is probably overprotective of toddlers even if their not her own — but did she take it too far by calling Child Protective Services? That’s a BIG deal! Now, Mimi is reportedly beyond pissed at her co-star and refuses to shoot any more episodes with her.

Ironically enough, Mimi isn’t the only one ticked off by Joseline’s larger-than-life behavior and constant need to stir up drama. The actual CREW of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta says she’s famous for making a mountain out of a molehill, according to The Shade Room. Production reportedly claims that Joseline was raising hell over a stupid seating arrangement on the reunion show and that’s why she targeted Mimi’s family. She only wanted to share the stage with Jessica Dime and Melissa, but because she didn’t get her way, she lashed out and dropped the Child Protective Services bomb on everyone.

It’s no secret that the Love & Hip Hop beauties haven’t liked each other for the past few seasons. In fact, when Stevie tried to step in, be the bigger person, and extend the olive branch to Joseline, he was immediately sent to the dog house by Mimi. “Steven and I want to make something clear: I do not rock with this b*tch,” she said in a clip EXCLUSIVELY obtained by “I do NOT under any circumstance want that person around my child after what she did.”

HollywoodLifers, do you think Joseline crossed the line by reportedly calling CPS?

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