Gal Gadot: 5 Key Questions With The Empowering Star Of ‘Wonder Woman’

Get ready to be blown away by female crusader for justice, Wonder Woman, hitting the big screens on June 2. The stunning, smart, Israeli-born star, Gal Gadot, answered five questions exclusively for!

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We first met Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but this time, it’s all eyes on her. The actress, 32, chatted with exclusively at the premiere in LA on May 25, as she strutted down the carpet at the Pantages Theater with her costar, Chris Pine, and even posed with the one and only Lynda Carter, who starred as Wonder Woman in the TV series in the 70s.

Before speaking to Gal, we also caught up with Chris Pine, who raved about acting in a female-directed female-led film. “First of all, talent is talent. Patty [Jenkins] is tremendously talented. There’s no doubt about that,” Chris said. “The story of female empowerment and strength I think could only been told through a female perspective to get the nuance. There is a real joy in the film I think that is probably born from the joy of seeing this story come to life for the first time.”

Here are our five questions with Gal Gadot:

How does it feel being Wonder Woman, who is a role model for so many people?
“It feels, it feels amazing! I am overwhelmed and so excited with everything that is going on right now. I am super grateful that I got the opportunity to portray this character!”

Did your time in the Israeli military prepare you for the role with the stunts or anything?
“Not really! No this was a lot more intensive but fun!”

What was the hardest part filming this film?
“The hardest? The cold… We were shooting this movie in England during the winter. I wasn’t wearing much, it was really, really, really cold!”

What was Wonder Woman for you growing up?
“Honestly I knew of Wonder Woman, but I didn’t know much about her.”

Who were strong female characters that you looked up to?
“Oh I mean, my mom, and my grandma… The were both strong, smart and beautiful.”

Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2.