Bernice Burgos Feels ‘In Competition’ With Tiny — She Loves To Tempt T.I. With Racy Pics

Bernice Burgos cannot stop steaming up her Instagram with sexy photos because she's worried about her relationship with T.I., HollywoodLife has EXCLUSIVELY learned! Do you think she should be scared the rapper will go back to Tiny?

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Bernice Burgos and Tiny
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Bernice Burgos has been freaking out and worried that she’s in a losing battle with Tameka “Tiny” Harris, 41, over T.I., 36. “Bernice totally feels in competition with Tiny,” an insider close to Bernice told EXCLUSIVELY. “She feels Tiny holds all the power, as she’s the baby momma, and she has all this shared history with T.I.” Tiny and T.I. have 7 years of marriage and three kids together so there’ll always be something between them and that’s been bugging Bernice.

“Bernice is hella insecure when it comes to their relationship and she’s constantly terrified T.I. is going to go running back to Tiny at any moment,” the insider continued. “That’s why she’s on a posting jag, with all these sexy pics, showing the world how hot she is as a reminder to T.I.” Bernice has definitely been posting up a storm of racy photos like that hot pic she shared a sheer top with her pierced nipples visible on May 19.

T.I. might have been super into Bernice’s sexy posts, but Tiny reportedly has NOT been too happy about it. “Tiny thinks Bernice’s behavior lately is just pathetic,” a source previously told “Bernice is obviously desperate for attention. Tiny is totally taking the high ground on this and is refusing to be pulled into Bernice’s pettiness and attention-seeking drama.” Tiny has been trying to keep things together for her three kids with T.I. King Harris, 12, Major Philant Harris, 9, and Heiress Diana Harris, 1. She has got to be seriously stressed between her divorce, heartbreak, and now all this drama with Bernice!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Bernice should be worried about Tiny? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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