‘Quantico’ Finale Recap: Alex & The Team Fight Their Biggest Battle Yet & [Spoiler] Dies

Alex and the task force prepare for their big showdown against Roarke at the Constitutional Convention on the May 15 episode of 'Quantico.' Throughout the episode, hearts get broken, someone dies, and Alex makes her biggest sacrifice yet.

Alex and the crew are working for Roarke in the days leading up to the Constitutional Convention, making him believe that they’re on his side. They’re “helping” him create this new intelligence agency called DISA, which will basically do away with the CIA and FBI. In the midst of the interviews, Alex comes across Iris! She can’t believe Alex is working for Roarke and supporting this new world order. Alex is putting on a very good show, though.

The task force gathers at The Green Leaf and stick around until closing. That’s when they bring everything they’ve been working on out into the open. The bar is their new meeting place since the bunker is out of the question. Roarke needs 38 states to vote yet to pass his amendment. They must get the 4 swing votes to vote no so Roarke’s amendment will fail.

That means they have to lie, scam, and threaten these people to get them to vote no. It’s not easy, especially for Shelby. She knows all too well what it means to taint someone’s good name. Clay ends up apologizing to Shelby for blaming her so much for what went down with his dad. He knows that his father was guilty, too.

Alex has started to notice that Ryan has changed, but she’s scared that he’s just going to revert back to the same old Ryan eventually. She still loves him, but doesn’t want to jump in yet.

The Truth Hurts

Felix lost his job and green card all because of Clay, but he still wants to take Roarke down. He actually gives Clay some good advice on how to proceed with the Collaborators: stop trying to be smarter than them and just surprise them. Soon after, Clay figures out that Roarke’s people have been listening in to their meetings at The Green Leaf. But it’s too late. Roarke has already had the 4 delegates pulled and replaced.

However, the war’s not over. Clay is certain that Peter Theo has information on Roarke that could destroy him. They need to get their hands on that information STAT. The team brings in Will and Iris to help. Meanwhile, Clay, Alex, and Felix meet up with Russian intelligence. They offer them U.S. intelligence, that Will and Iris are getting from Peter Theo in exchange for them getting Roarke to alter words in his amendment. The Russians take the deal.

The Constitutional Convention has arrived. Roarke and Clay meet beforehand. Roarke truly thinks what he’s doing is the right thing and believes there’s nothing Clay and his crew can do to stop him. Clay doesn’t put up much of a fight to Roarke’s face, but he does bug Roarke’s room.

Before the convention, Shelby runs right into Max and learns startling information. Max didn’t dump Clay; Clay dumped Max! Apparently, Clay told Max that he didn’t want to tarnish her good name. Max is pretty convinced Clay and Shelby are sleeping together, but a very shocked Shelby swears it’s not like that.

‘The Light Is All We Have’

Alex finally comes around and accepts that Ryan has changed. He really took Keyes’ words to heart. When she asks him if he’s trying to tell her she shouldn’t go through with her plan to defeat the Collaborators, he says, “No, but I love you, and I wish it wasn’t you who had to do it.” The Constitutional Convention begins, and Alex begins to broadcast live from another room. She begins to spill all the tea on Roarke, including a call between Roarke and Russian intelligence. She releases every secret Roarke has been trying to hide to the people.

She walks into the room and takes Roarke down. “The light is all we have, and the truth is all we can trust,” she says. “So resist, fight back, that’s what I did and will always do for my country.” Gunshots ring out and Alex is shot! Ryan runs to her side. She’s rushed into an ambulance, and Ryan truly thinks she’s dead. But Alex is fine, thank goodness. It was all part of the plan. She needed his reaction for believability. It takes a minute for Ryan to digest it all, but he goes with it. They quickly kiss and makeup.

Clay goes back to see Roarke after the big showdown. Roarke can’t understand how it all went so wrong so quickly. He did what the other Collaborators asked, but the second things got dicey, they bailed. Now he’s the only one suffering the consequences. Clay doesn’t feel sorry for him. Roarke deserves to pay for what he’s done. Clay tells Roarke it’s time to address the press and surrender. But Roarke has another plan. Clay walks out of the room and hears a single gunshot. Roarke commits suicide.

Clay is visibly shaken. He wanted to win, but not like this. He asks Shelby if she wants to go somewhere and finally go on that date. She brings up Max and reveals she knows what really happened between them. Clay didn’t have the same regard towards Shelby as he did Max. Shelby is already damaged, so if he was damaged as well, he wasn’t hurting anyone. Shelby is done making the same mistakes and caring so much about what people think about her. Clay swears they wouldn’t be a mistake, but if they started something now, Shelby knows they would be. Clay does care about Shelby and maybe even loves her, but he’s still in love with Maxine.

Giving It All Up For Love

Alex has faked her death and has to disappear. She’s able to say goodbye to Owen personally before she does. She thanks him for trusting her, and he thanks her for giving him back his life. With Ryan nowhere in sight, she thinks she’s not going to be able to say goodbye. She walks on to the plane alone. Suddenly, Ryan walks up and sits beside her, just like what happened in the first episode of Quantico. Is anyone else crying yet?

“You really want to do this?” she asks him, with tears in her eyes. “Give it all up for me?” For Ryan, the answer is simple. “I give up nothing when I’m with you,” he tells her. “Wherever you run, that’s where I want to be.” RALEX FOREVER!

Flash forward 2 months later, Alex is still on the run with Ryan. Clay and Max have eloped, Raina and Nimah are out of jail, Owen is the new deputy director of the CIA, and Shelby’s still working at Quantico. Raina and Shelby really miss Alex, but they know this is the only way to keep her safe. Everyone is in a good place at the moment, with so many possibilities and opportunities ahead of them. Now give me season 3, please!

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