Bill Maher Calls Donald Trump Fat As F*** & Compares His Butt To Kim Kardashian’s

Bill Maher went OFF on Donald Trump on Friday, May 12 and targeted his weight! Did the late night host cross the line when he compared the President's butt to Kim Kardashian's? You have to see the insane moment!

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Bill Maher, Donald Trump, and Kim Kardashian
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Yikes! Bill Maher has never held back his feelings, but did he take it too far? The 61 year-old Real Time host attacked President Donald Trump’s, 70, weight and even compared him to Kim Kardashian, 36, during his Friday, May 12th show. “There’s still one thing no one calls Donald Trump on and look, sometimes I do go too far, but tonight I’m just going to say it. Donald Trump is fat,” he told the audience. “Donald Trump is fat. I mean along with everything else he’s fat. He’s a fat f—ing fat f—.”

Bill was no where near done and even brought up a photo of the President while golfing and Kim showing off her iconic rear end. “Here’s a quick comparison. There’s his a– and there’s Kim Kardashian’s a–,” Bill said before he revealed his joke book called The Art Of The Meal: 1001 Trump Fat Jokes. The fake title played around with Trump’s actually published book famously called The Art Of The Deal. Bill offered up some absolutely scathing jokes.

“Trump’s so fat most of the voice in his head are chewing,” Bill teased with other stingers like, “he gets winded riding the escalator,” or “he once bragged that he moved like a b—- on Mrs. Butterworth.” The last joke referenced the notorious “Pussy Gate” audio scandal that happened before the election in October. Trump was on an Access Hollywood bus with Billy Bush and claimed he “moved like a b—-” on a married woman! Was it fair of Bill to callout Trump’s weight?

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