Prom Etiquette 101: How To Ask A Girl To Prom In 2017

Prom season is officially here, which means the pressure is ON to come up with a creative & memorable promposal. If you're completely idealess, have no fear! Asking that special someone to prom may be intimidating, but these ideas just made popping the question a whole lot easier. Bonus, you may just go viral!

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How To Ask A Girl To Prom
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With each passing year it seems asking someone to prom becomes more and more like a marriage proposal. And now with social media, it’s like one giant competition for high schoolers across the country! How in the world do you compete with that? Here’s how, by using social media to your advantage! Pouring over hundreds of teens’ promposals on Instagram, we’ve curated a gallery of some of the best from 2017 — and while none of them are guaranteed to get him/her to say “yes,” we think they’ll get you pretty darn close!

The internet is full of prom-spiration, and some of our favorite ideas were quite simple. But first, it’s important to know there are a few different routes you can take: ultra romantic, comedy, food, inside joke, or asking in public. For all you romantics out there, we mainly just recommend the first route for couples who are actually, well, couples. But if you’re feeling gutsy, you can ask your lifelong crush in a lovey-dovey way. Most romantic promposals involve flowers, candles, and usually a heartfelt “I love you.” Aw! Oh, and don’t forget the balloons!

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The comedy route is usually a no-fail; it’s fun, lighthearted, and can be used even with someone you don’t know very well. And if you find yourself dateless with no romantic interests to speak of, you can always use an LOL-worthy promposal to ask a friend as a friend. Usually this way consists of writing some witty phrase on a poster and including a cute prop — like a stuffed animal. Easy, peasy!

Food is obviously our favorite way to ask someone to prom, and it’s probably yours too — for good reason! After all, the best way into a person’s heart is through something delicious to eat. And let’s be real, who can say no to a person holding a giant pizza, right? Especially if they MADE the pizza! The most popular ways to ask using food, are with cupcakes spelling out “prom?”, with sausages spelling out “Prom?” on a pizza, or even, as one super creative guy did, using tacos! We’ve also seen it done with Chik Fil A and chocolates — just pick your would-be-date’s fav food, and go ham (pun intended.)

Using an inside joke is a great way to ask someone close to you to prom. However, it doesn’t have to be a “joke” per say — anything cute and individualized is ideal! For example, one teen asked his date to prom using running sneakers because she’s on the track team. Get it? Super cute! Or if you’re both crazy about Disney or Star Wars, incorporate that into your promposal. It’s those little personal things that go a long way.

Finally, the public promposal! This route should only be reserved for the brave and confident. But while asking in public may be risky, it’s definitely worth it if your date says “yes.” Just make sure someone’s there to capture the entire thing on camera — and then immediately delete it if things turn sour! But no matter which way you ask, make sure to remember it’s not HOW you ask, but WHO you ask. And sometimes it’s better to go big or go home, right? I mean, YOLO!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — do you love these creative ideas? Can you see yourself using one of them?