Cristiano Ronaldo’s Hat Trick Wins Game For Real Madrid But Fans Blast Him For Cheating

Cristiano Ronald, yet again, made history on April 18, nailing a trio of goals to help Real Madrid advance in the Champions League. Not every fan was celebrating as many accused FIFA’s Best Player In The World of cheating by being offside when he scored!

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Cristiano Ronaldo Offside
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By the time the whistle blew on the April 18 match between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, Cristiano Ronaldo had done it again. Not only had the 32-year-old star won the game by scoring a hat trick, but the Los Blancos superstar had also become the first ever player to score 100 goals in the Champions League.

However, many of Ronaldo’s haters were quick to point out that two of the goals that Ronaldo scored to make that hat trick were done when he was clearly offside. A player is offside if he’s “nearer to his opponents’ goal line than both the ball and the second-last opponent,” and the evidence some fans presented clearly showed Ronaldo committing such a flagrant foul.

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Ronaldo received a cross pass from Sergio Ramos, 31, bashing the ball into the net even though most fans clearly pointed out that Ronaldo was offside, per ESPN FC. The third goal, and the one that sealed the deal for Real, came after Ronaldo got a tap-in victory of a Marcelo Vieira, 28, pass. There was another uproar of offsides accusations, but the refs didn’t wave the goal off.

Fans were just hating on Ronaldo. Cristiano was caught offside three separate times during this game, as the refs flagged the FIFA 2016 Best Player Of The Year at the 69th, 97th and 102nd minute (according to ESPN.) While Real fans were thrilled that the final 4-2 score meant that their team would advance to the Champions League semifinals, many were pissed that Ronaldo cheated – and got away with it!

Ronaldo’s hat trick and 100th Champions League goal accomplishment will be tarnished – until he breaks another record, forcing everyone to forget about this controversy. Ronaldo reaching the century mark in the UCL comes just after his 100th goal in European competition (which includes the Champions League and competitions like the European Super Cup.) After this game, Ronaldo has 103 European goals, though some fans would probably say he cheated to get this far.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Was Ronaldo offside? Does it matter or does winning only count when it comes to soccer?

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