How Much Skin Should You Show On A First Date? This Go-To Rule Will Help You Decide

Is there such a thing as showing too much skin on the first date? We consulted LastFirst founder, Emily Holmes Hahn, who offered up her advice based on the feedback she gets from her clients -- and her go-to rule of thumb is definitely going to change how you get dressed for your next date.

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Finding the perfect outfit for your first date can definitely be stressful, but you should rely on a go-to look you feel comfortable and confident in — even if it involves a little cleavage! LastFirst founder, Emily Holmes Hahn, shared a great rule that will change the way you get ready for your next date night — especially if you’re still trying to figure out if your outfit is a little too sexy.

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So, how much skin is okay to show on a first date? “Judge this one by both the occasion and your own comfort level. A late night party, concert or dancing can be a fun opportunity to wear something a little sexy and revealing,” Emily said.

If you’re still unsure, stick to Emily’s go-to tip: “A good rule of thumb for your classic dinner or drinks date is to pick your favorite body area to “expose,” and keep the rest more demure. Most importantly, if you’re not comfortable showing skin, don’t. Nothing will catch his eye more than discomfort in your own look! Less can be more too, even if it’s just showing off your toned calves in a midi length dress and strappy shoes, or a peek of your arm with a cold-shoulder top.”

The bottom line: you need to feel confident and love how you look, so that should be most important — when you feel great, that confidence will radiate! How much skin are you comfortable with showing on a first date? Let us know below and share your go-to date night outfit, too!

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