Ricardo Medina Jr.: ‘Power Rangers’ Star Sentenced To 6 Years In Jail For Killing Roommate

Former 'Power Rangers' star Ricardo Medina Jr. has officially been sentenced on March 30 for murdering his roommate. He will be spending 6 years in prison for stabbing the man to death.

Ricardo Medina Jr Sentenced
Image Credit: Courtesy of TMZ

Ricardo Medina Jr. has finally been sentenced. The 38-year-old actor from the Power Rangers tv series admitted to killing his roommate Josh Sutter, 36, by stabbing him to death with a sword and plead guilty to voluntary manslaughter charges on March 16. About two weeks later on March 30, the judge has finally decided what his punishment will be.

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The shockingly small sentence will include just 6 years of prison time for killing Josh in cold blood. According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, the violent act in their Green Valley home was allegedly sparked by an argument between Josh and Ricardo about Ricardo’s girlfriend.

Fans online were stunned by the minuscule punishment for taking another person’s life. “6 years? Pfft… Power ranger privilege 😒,” wrote one fan while making light of the dark situation. “6 yrs?! The other guy is dead and this power clown got 6 yrs! Pfft…” wrote another. “That’s it? Pathetic, he should get life,” said an unsatisfied citizen. We can’t help but agree that the sentence seems really inappropriate for the crime.

Ricardo rose to fame 15 years ago when he played the Red Ranger on the Wild Force series of Power Rangers. He reprised his ranger role on the 2011-2012 reboots Power Rangers Samurai and Power Rangers Super Samurai. However, he’s had roles on tons of shows from CSI: Miami, to ER, to Parasomnia over the years. However, his career will certainly have to take a break now that he’s going to jail.

HollywoodLifers, do you think that 6 years was too long or too short of a sentence, or did the judge get it right? Let us know!

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