Amanda Stanton Slams Josh Murray As ‘The Worst’: ‘Everyone Warned Me’

Whoa! 'Bachelor In Paradise' star Amanda Stanton has finally broken her silence on her recent feud with ex Josh Murray, and she's baffled by what's being reported. In fact, she says everything that's been said about her recently is 'a lie.' Get her side of the story, here!

Amanda Stanton Disses Josh Murray
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“It’s all a lie! It’s just really frustrating,” Amanda Stanton told E! News, following a report that claimed Josh Murray was forced to call the police on her after she wouldn’t return a car he purchased while they were dating. Furthermore, his alleged assistant, Hayley Watts, said Amanda called her vile names while she was retrieving the Audi Q5.

“He doesn’t even have a personal assistant,” Amanda continued. “I don’t know why [she’s calling herself that]. She’s contacted all these people and I don’t know why because he’s in Italy, I’m in Fiji. We haven’t even talked. I don’t know why I woke up to all this. I thought things were fine.”

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As for the truth about the car, Amanda said Josh bought her the Audi Q5 because he was very “jealous” about another car that her ex-husband had bought her. After they broke up, he then asked Amanda for $30,000 to pay for the car, but she didn’t have that kind of money. So they came to the decision that they would work things out once they were both back in the country, E! News claims.

Amanda also said the police did show up to her house, but she feels it was a “setup” by Josh and his so-called assistant “just so they could write an article about it.”

“He’s the worst. Everybody warned me,” she added.

Amanda also denies body-shaming Josh’s assistant. “Never, ever would I body shame anybody,” she said. “That just honestly makes me so upset to even read that. It’s just sad that anyone can make up a lie.”

HollywoodLifers, do YOU think Josh Murray is “the worst”? Whose side of the story do you believe? Tell us how you feel below!

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