‘Quantico’ Recap: Alex Teams Up With Nimah & The Head Of The AIC Is Revealed

We finally learned who is behind the AIC on the Jan. 30 episode of 'Quantico.' Alex begs Miranda for answers and Nimah explains why she's involved, Claire Haas returns and crosses paths with Shelby, and Harry proves he's the king of manipulation.

The episode picks up right where we left off. Miranda tells Alex where to drive. Someone had warned Miranda from the inside about the CLF. Alex thinks it was Ryan, but Miranda says it was someone else. She knows she’s done bad things, but it was for the right reasons. Alex warns Miranda that she will pay for what she’s done. Miranda tells Alex that she will, too, by the end of all this.

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Claire Haas is back and runs right into Shelby. To say these two don’t get along is an understatement. Haas is now the president, after what went down with the former President and First Lady. Shelby is disgusted over the air strike that’s about to kill her friends. The thing is, Haas wants to call off the strike and needs Shelby’s help. But it’s not that simple. Haas can’t just call off the strike because she helped create the rogue group inside the CIA!

Haas explains everything to Shelby, how she helped facilitate the AIC accidentally. She actually didn’t know the AIC existed until this latest terrorist attack. Haas is in a very precarious position. She can’t just reveal everything now, because it’ll look like she helped the AIC. Haas has to protect herself, too. Shelby doesn’t understand why Haas can’t just do the right thing. It’s not the simple. It never is.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith 2.0

Ten months earlier, Ryan and Alex are still meeting secretly. Harry’s keeping a close eye on Alex. He realizes he’s been played and doesn’t like it. Harry nabs Alex’s phone and calls her out. He knows she’s lying about being recruited. He thinks Alex should take Ryan out (not literally) before he takes her out. Raina’s also giving Ryan the same advice. Who will betray the other?!

Harry goes straight to Ryan to heat things up. He tells Ryan that Alex wants him out of training so she can have the AIC all to herself. Harry offers to help Ryan get the upper hand with Alex. But it’s all to get Ryan to crack. “He will betray you,” Harry warns Alex. Ryan is an FBI agent with a legitimate reason to be at The Farm. Harry insists Alex needs to turn the tables on Ryan first before it’s too late.

In NYC, Alex and Miranda run into Nimah on their quest. Nimah reveals to Alex that Ryan is not really a part of this. He has always been trying to protect Alex. Nimah points the gun at Miranda and spills her guts. Miranda sent Nimah into the CLF and didn’t tell her they were killing people. Miranda also didn’t mention Raina. Nimah knows they allied themselves with the wrong people and wants to make it right.

Miranda is determined to find Lydia and get the drives, while Nimah and Alex are focused on the hostages. Miranda isn’t going to give up that easily. She holds Alex at gunpoint, stressing that millions of lives will be lost if the drives get into the wrong hands. Miranda and Alex fight, and Nimah keeps Miranda at gunpoint so Alex can get going.

The Head Of The AIC Is Revealed

Back at The Farm, Alex betrays Ryan during the assignment. He is stunned. Ryan swears he would never have turned the tables on her like that. He thinks Harry is playing both of them. Ryan confesses that he hates what this double-crossing and secrecy is doing to their relationship. Harry can’t believe this is happening. He’s convinced Ryan will one day betray Alex.

Ryan goes to Owen and explains the Alex situation. The thing is, Owen doesn’t have any idea what Ryan’s talking about when it comes to the AIC. Owen confronts Alex and admits he is NOT behind the AIC. He wants to know everything and now. If not, he’ll have her arrested for espionage.

Ryan, Leon, Dayana, and the new AIC recruits meet again. Lydia shows up. She’s the one behind it all! She’s the head of the AIC! Oh boy.

In the present day, Shelby begs Claire to call off the air strike. Even if it means she loses the people’s trust, she’ll have done the right thing as the first female president. Haas does call off the strike, thank goodness. Alex and Shelby talk after it’s done. Alex is heading back into the perimeter to save the hostages and find Ryan!

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