‘Flip Or Flop’: Why Tarek El Moussa Is Asking Christina For Spousal Support — Lawyer Explains

Things have not been pretty in the divorce case between Tarek and Christina El Moussa, and now Tarek is requesting spousal support! That might sound strange, by we spoke EXCLUSIVELY to a divorce attorney who explained the reason for his demands!

Why Tarek El Moussa Wants Spousal Support
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Tarek El Moussa, 35, is reportedly demanding spousal support from his estranged wife Christina El Moussa, 35. If a judge signs off on his request, it will force Christina to give him a certain amount of money that will help him financially after their split. Yikes! HollywoodLife.com spoke to California Divorce Attorney, David Pisarra, who told us EXCLUSIVELY that there are “several possible reasons why Tarek requested spousal support from Christina.”

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For one, “if they are on equitable ground financially, it could simply be a strategic divorce move on his part trying to get ahead of the curve,” he explained. In addition to having one foot ahead of his soon-to-be ex, David noted that it probably has something to do with Christina’s separate assets. “But what might be more likely is that she has separate property assets that would increase her income,” the attorney said. And by requesting spousal support, that would potentially permit Tarek to be “entitled to some of those earnings, especially if he helped build those assets through their work together.”

“Often business couples put assets in one spouses name instead of the other for strategic purposes,” David continued. “So there could be an imbalance in how the El Moussa’s held assets. It could also be that he has got more of the community debt so wants her to help pay.” Christina and Tarek are co-stars on HGTV’s series Flip Or Flop, and although it is not confirmed, they could have combined their income under one name at some point.

Tarek may be up to his ears in court documents, but that didn’t stop him from having some fun time with the guys. As HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY told you, Tarek hopped on a private jet in Jan. 2016, and escaped with his guy friends to Mammoth Mountain in California’s high Sierra. And Tarek had so much fun, that he was “acting like a bachelor again.” That’s one way to get over your divorce!

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