Celeb Jeweler Creates Rings That Leave ‘Married’ Indent On Ring Finger

Jeweler to the stars, Jason of Beverly Hills, created a ring that is bound to send a clear message -- even if you aren't wearing it! What do you think of the branded wedding band? Would you want your significant other to rock this ring? Check it out and VOTE.

married ring

Even if the ring comes off this new band will still send a strong message! Jason of Beverly Hills, the go-to jeweler for stars like Gabrielle Union, Tyga, Evelyn Lozada and more, has come out with a band that’s ideal for sneaky spouses — so even if you try to take off your ring everyone will still know the deal.

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When you remove the band the raised, embossed lettering inside the ring leaves an imprint that reads “married” in all capital letters when removed — that means your relationship status will be visible well after the ring comes off, (well, at least for a few minutes).

While we’re sure some couples will think this new detailing is brilliant, if you’re so concerned about your partner removing the ring even before they slip it on their finger for the first time it might be a good idea to re-evaluate your situation — either that, or convince them to go all out and get matching tattoos! Hey, at least that’ll be more permanent than the indentation?

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If you are interested in rocking this new ring, they come in all sizes for both men and women so you can get a matching, ‘his and hers’ set for your special day.

What do you think of the new wedding ring? Would you want your better half rocking this ring? Would you be opposed to slipping it on? Check it out above and be sure to VOTE and let us know!

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