Kathy Griffin’s Pit Sweat Steals NYE Spotlight — Wardrobe Malfunction

Oh no! Kathy Griffin experienced a wardrobe malfunction on New Year's Eve that we've all suffered at one time or another: pit stains! It just so happened that poor Kathy's sweaty mishap occurred on live TV. How awful!

Kathy Griffin Pit Stains
Image Credit: Image Courtesy of CNN

Kathy Griffin, 56, was tasked with hosting one of the most-watched New Year’s Eve programs in the country on December 31, and did an amazing job. But the co-host of New Year’s Eve Live with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin was clearly feeling the stress that night; she had huge, visible sweat stains under her arms, totally apparent against her lightly colored sweater.

The comedian experienced what happens to all of us, except on air; poor Kathy! It got worse: Kathy had no idea it was happening, and lifted her arm up high to wave to the crowd below her in Times Square. Co-host Anderson Cooper didn’t say anything, but bashfully giggled when it happened. He didn’t make any eye contact with her, either.

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Thankfully, someone helped Kathy out during their commercial break, and made the best of the situation. She came back to her chair beside Anderson wearing her cute grey sweater, now accessorized with a massive, black feather boa. It served two purposes, one being that it covered up the pit stains. The other? Nobody’s paying attention to sweat when they have feathers to stare at!

CNN was clearly the party channel on NYE. New Year’s Eve Live correspondent Don Lemon got lit down in New Orleans, downing drink after drink on air, even getting his ear pierced, and getting his mic cut when he started talking about how much 2016 sucked!

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