‘That’s So Raven:’ Orlando Brown Calls Out Raven Symone For ‘Trolling His Page’

Uh-oh! Raven Symone better watch out, because Orlando Brown is sick of her 'trolling his page.' Check out the video where he totally blasts Raven, saying he's fine following the announcement that she's leaving him out of the 'That's So Raven' spinoff, but he wants her to leave him alone. Burn!

Orlando Brown, 29, totally called out his former That’s So Raven co-star Raven Symone, 30, in a shocking video posted to Instagram on Dec. 4, telling her to stop “trolling” him following the announcement that she recast his role in the show’s spinoff. Orlando doesn’t look his best in the video and it’s not entirely clear exactly how Raven has been “trolling” his page, but that is what the rapper says she is doing. And he want’s it to stop.

“Raven stop trolling my page!” Orlando says to the camera in front of a group of friends. “We all know why you won’t say s**t. Cause  I’m the truest n***a in the mother-f***ing world. I’m tired. I’m gonna end this s**t. B***h stop trolling my page. I’m coming to see you. And we’re gonna end this s**t like real, real adults. You see what I’m saying. Like I’m not gonna play no more games. All that bulls**t, that you being quiet and not trying to help a n***a out. You know, by saying what?”

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“‘Hey, you know, Orlando is a great person,’ or ‘You know what? Let me call Orlando,'” the rapper says in his impression of The View co-host’s voice. “That’s so fake b***h!” he sings in a tune that we think is meant to be the That’s So Raven theme song.  “I’m just saying. Be real. Be family. And that’s it. But other than that, don’t nobody ask me about no more That’s So Raven s**t. No. I’m grown. I’ve worked hard to be Mr. Brown. And that’s who I am, the legendary Mr. Brown. I’m a very talented person. And I know how to create more.” This is now the second time that Orlando has made a public comment via video about being recast in the That’s So Raven spinoff.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of how Orlando is slamming Raven after she left him out of the That’s So Raven spinoff? Let us know below!

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