‘Gilmore Girls’ Fall Recap: A Last Second Bombshell Changes Everything

The final episode of the 'Gilmore Girls' revival was perfect from beginning to end. Luke and Lorelai take the next step, Rory makes a shocking discovery, and beloved fan favorites return! Read our recap of 'Fall' now!

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After only 12 hours away, Lorelai calls Luke. She’s finally realized how hard this hike is going to be. Jason Ritter, who played Lauren Graham’s love interest on Parenthood, makes a cute appearance as a park ranger.

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Jess sticks around in Stars Hollow and notices that Luke is a little scattered now that Lorelai’s gone off on her trip. He makes Luke sit down and tell him what’s going on. Luke admits that he and Lorelai have been having communication issues. He’s worried she’s going to leave him.

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Logan comes back to the States and gives Rory a magical night. “I did not like the way we left things,” he says. But he’s still engaged. He gives her the key to his family house in Maine if she wants to write her book there. Rory asks Logan if he’s really going to marry Odette. “That’s the dynastic plan,” he replies. That may be the Huntzberger plan but it’s clearly not what Logan wants. Rory and Logan end up sleeping together, but he still leaves her.

Lorelai begins her journey on the PCT and calls Emily with her perfect story about Richard. She breaks down in tears telling Emily how Richard was there for her on what would have been the worst birthday ever. He was the perfect father and was always there when she needed him.

Lorelai decides to return home, and Luke jumps to conclusions and thinks she’s going to leave him. “There will never be anyone more here for you than me,” he yells. “I will never leave. I will never think about leaving. I will do whatever it takes to fix what’s wrong.”

They’ve made it through everything. He just wants to be with her and grow old with her. Lorelai hasn’t come back to break things off. She wants to get married.

Rory goes to Emily’s house to write her book in Richard’s study. She remembers those classic Friday night dinners with her family by her side. She churns out the first three chapters of The Gilmore Girls and wants Lorelai to read them.

Those Final Four Words…

Rory goes to see Christopher, who’s working in the family business now. There’s something Rory wants to say to him, but she holds back. She does ask, “How did you feel about mom raising me alone?” Christopher notes that they were both so young, but he knew he couldn’t ever compete with Lorelai. So he didn’t.

After freaking out in the best way possible at one of those dreaded DAR meetings, Emily decides to sell her house. Lorelai comes to her and asks for Luke’s money to expand. Emily agrees to help out, but only if Luke and Lorelai come to Nantucket for 2 weeks in the summer and one week at Christmas.

Rory runs into Dean at Doose’s Market. He’s got 3 kids now and one more on the way. She asks if she can put him in the book. She calls him the best boyfriend she ever had, so she’s only going to be writing good things. As always, Dean goes with the flow.

Sookie returns just in time to make Lorelai’s wedding cake and about 10 others. Lorelai doesn’t read Rory’s chapters. She says she’ll read it when Rory’s finished. But she gives Rory one word of advice: Title the book just Gilmore Girls.

The whole town scrambles to get ready for Luke and Lorelai’s wedding. Apparently, Kiefer Sutherland is invited. He and Luke go way back. Jess is still in town helping Luke. Luke asks Jess if he’s over Rory. He says he is, but there’s a moment before he leaves the Gilmore house where he stares at Rory longingly.

Luke and Lorelai get married in the middle of the night, and it’s absolutely perfect. It’s about freaking time! Afterwards, Rory gets a breakup text from Paul. Rory doesn’t seem too worked up about it. He was never the right guy for her. Lorelai knows Rory will find the perfect guy one day. That’s when Rory drops the bombshell of all bombshells.

“Mom?” she sighs. “Yeah,” Lorelai replies. “I’m pregnant,” Rory says. Those are the final four words of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, leaving the door wide open for more.

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