‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Cast: Remake Vs. Original Stars — See Pics

'The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's Do the Time Warp Again' is taking the leap and remaking a classic -- but did it cast the right people to do so. See every original character and the new actor that's taking on their role. You be the judge.

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Rocky Horror Remake Vs. Original
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The world originally fell in love with The Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975. Now, audiences are getting yet another treat — a remake 40 years later. So, how does the new cast in costume stand up to the OG? You can click through our gallery to see all the side by sides. Director Kenny Ortega recently explained wy now is the perfect time for the remake.

“There are important themes that live and float throughout it, like transcendence, transformation, and liberation. A lot of us in life relate to these outsiders, and it’s great fun to bring them back to life again with new actors and an inspired soundtrack,” he told our sister site, Variety, adding the show’s theme, “don’t dream it, be it.” is of course relevant today. He also said that fans of the original will be part of the remake, and will enjoy it. “We really are doing a deep bow to 41 years of great fun and that we all are fan of,” he added. “We’ve come at it with an appreciation for what it is and what it’s meant to everyone over the years. We’re really trying to honor that.”

Here’s who’s playing who:

Frank N. Furter
Then: Tim Curry (now playing the narrator)
Now: Laverne Cox

Janet Weiss
Then: Susan Sarandon
Now: Victoria Justice

Brad Majors
Then: Barry Bostwick
Now: Ryan McCartan

‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Cast: Remake V. Original — Pics

Then: Nell Campbell
Now: Annaleigh Ashford

Then: Meat Loaf
Now: Adam Lambert

Then: Richard O’Brien
Now: Reeve Carney

Then: Patricia Quinn
Now: Christina Milian

Then: Peter Hinwood
Now: Staz Nair

Do you think the new cast looks good? Will you be watching? Rocky Horror Picture Show airs on Oct. 20 on Fox at 8PM.

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