Dylan Rieder: Was His Death From Leukemia Preventable? Doctor Speaks

Could skateboarding legend and model Dylan Rieder's tragic death from leukemia been prevented? The 28-year-old had been successfully battling it in the past before his sudden Oct. 15 passing. HollywoodLife.com spoke EXCLUSIVELY to a doctor who tells us if his life could have been saved.

“Leukemia is not preventable, but certain types are relatively treatable. The type of cancer Dylan had, acute lymphocytic leukemia, is treatable if diagnosed in time.” Dr. Bruce Lee, M.D tells HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. So there was nothing Dylan could have done towards not developing the disease, he could only try to treat it as best as doctors could manage. The former DKNY model and absolutely skateboarding legend had battled the aggressive form of cancer for several years according to family members, and apparently had undergone successful treatment in the past.

“Acute lymphocytic leukemia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow (the tissue inside bones where blood cells are made). The term acute in the name means that the disease progresses rapidly and creates an excess of immature blood cells rather than mature ones,” Dr. Lee continues. When Dylan’s leukemia took a turn for the worse, it began to develop at a rate that outpaced his ability to be treated.

He adds that, “Also, this type of cancer is the most common type of childhood cancer with a good chance of cure if diagnosed in time.” So Dylan was diagnosed with a childhood cancer well into his adulthood, did that make it unusual for him to pass away from the disease? Dr. Lee tells assures that, “Death from leukemia at 28 is not rare. Even young children die from leukemia.”

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The survival rate for leukemia has quadrupled since 1960 as more and more effective treatments have been developed. While it now has a 61% survival rate, that’s still a whole lot of people who lose their battle against the awful disease as it can be lethal if not caught early enough. Sadly, Dylan was among those for who the disease became too devastating to treat. The beloved skateboarder and model died while surrounded by his family and friends.

Per Dylan’s family’s wishes, those who want to honor Dylan’s memory can make a donation to the cancer-fighting organization City of Hope:

City of Hope
Attention: Philanthropy
1500 E Duerte Rd.
Duerte, CA 91010

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