Zayn Malik Wants To Pay For Gigi Hadid To Have ‘Full Time’ Body Guard After Milan Attack

So scary! Like any concerned boyfriend, Zayn Malik was horrified that a fan was able to rush past Gigi Hadid's security and terrifyingly grabbed her. Now has learned EXCLUSIVELY that since the awful scare, he wants to pay for a full time bodyguard to keep his lady safe.

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Zayn is ultra protective of Gigi, so when he found out what happened in Milan, he of course was outraged. He wants her to have a full time bodyguard and says he will pay for it. He never, ever wants Gigi’s safety to be at risk again,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. The 23-year-old has good reason to be concerned after the security detail that Gigi, 21, hired for Milan Fashion Week totally dropped the ball when a young man ran up right past them and grabbed onto her, picking her up off the ground. They apparently thought he was a friend until Gigi’s horrified reaction proved otherwise.

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“He’s actually brought this up before, that he would feel much more at ease if she had a personal bodyguard, especially when she travels,” our insider adds. Since Gigi jet sets all over the world with her red-hot modeling career and apparently doesn’t use the same bodyguard team from city to city, a permanent protection force would sure go a long way to helping keep her safe.

Pics: Gigi and Zayn so in love

While the incident had to have been super jarring for Gigi, we did get a look at her amazing self-defense skills as the man grabbed her from behind. She gave the guy a good swift elbow to the head, flaunting the boxing and martian arts abilities that she also uses as an exercise regime. You’ve gotta love any activity that not only keeps your body looking amazing, but helps protect against crazed fans. You go Gigi! After he ran off she seemed to try to go after him, wanting another piece of the fool who dared to mess with her. Man, she’s a tough one.

HollywoodLifers, do you think Gigi should take up Zayn’s offer to get her a full time bodyguard?

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