Nicki Minaj & Meek Mill: She Wants A Ring On Her Finger Before Having His Baby

If he wants a baby, then he's gotta put a ring on it! Nicki Minaj is insistent that if Meek Mill wants to have a little Meek or Nicki, then he has got to commit all the way. has the EXCLUSIVE details on what Nicki needs from Meek before they can procreate.

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“[Nicki Minaj]’s been adamant from day one that Meek [Mill] needs to put a ring on her finger before they have a baby,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “She’s working nonstop and isn’t going to slow down to have a child if she isn’t married.” Well, that only seems fair, doesn’t it? The 33-year-old “Anaconda” singer is a hard worker and we totally understand why she may be hesitant to make the lifelong commitment of raising a child with someone who hasn’t made the lifelong commitment of marriage to her. But we don’t know if she’ll have to wait all that long for Meek to make his mind up, as he really seems to have babies on the brain.

The 29-year-old singer faked people out on Sept. 3 when he posted a picture of Nicki to Instagram, in which she looked pregnant. A source confirmed to EXCLUSIVELY that Meek was simply trying to make a joke and get back at haters who thought she might have looked a little plump at the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 28.

“He put that pic up just to f**k with people and get them riled up, and it worked,” the source told us. But we’re wondering if he really wants that baby after all.

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It’s clear the two really love each other, as they have spent a great deal of time recently shooting down rumors that they split. But until Meek is willing to make an honest woman out of her, then Nicki probably won’t be posting real baby bump pics to Instagram any time soon.

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