Justin Bieber’s Ex-Fling Kourtney Kardashian Hangs With Sofia Richie’s Sis Nicole: Awkward

Well that's an awkward friendship! Just after Kourtney Kardashian's former hookup Justin Bieber started hanging with Sofia Richie, Kourt partied with Sofia's older sis Nicole Richie. See the ironic pic right here!

Nicole Richie Kourtney Kardashian Hang Out
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Both Kourtney and Nicole seemed happier than ever to be spending time together with their buddy Carlos Eric Lopez, smiling big as they cuddled close to each other at A-List Fashion Marketing Group founder Ashlee Margolis‘s 40th birthday celebration. Kourtney, 37, simply captioned the pic, “Kickin’ it old school,” making no reference to the fact that Nicole’s little sis Sofia has a connection to Kourt!

In case you forgot about Kourtney’s rendezvouses with Justin Bieber (there have been quite a few girls in Justin’s life since), the two have been on-and-off hookup pals since Kourtney was seen leaving Justin’s hotel braless in December 2015. Other than a reunion at a nightclub in July, Kourt and Justin seemingly haven’t gotten together for quite some time — but that doesn’t make it any less weird that he’s now hanging out with a girl who is 20 years Kourtney’s junior!

Considering the serious age gap between two of Justin’s flings, we’re thinking Justin wasn’t a topic of conversation during Kourtney and Nicole’s night out together. Then again, they looked so happy to be hanging out, maybe they spent at least part of the night joking about it…it is kind of funny, after all!

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Come to think of it, Justin could be one of the reasons that Nicole and Kourtney’s hangout happened when it did. An insider revealed to us that Justin’s flirty friendship with Sofia has Nicole a little on edge, and she’s keeping an eye on the two of them to make sure Justin doesn’t break her little sis’s heart. Since Kourtney knows a thing or two about how Mr. Bieber operates with girls he likes, maybe she was giving Nicole some peace of mind while they partied together? Regardless, we’re incredibly intrigued by this ironically timed and rather awkward “kickin’ it” sesh!

HollywoodLifers, is it awkward for Nicole and Kourtney to be hanging out? Do you think Justin came up during their night out? Tell us below!

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