‘Scream Queens’ Disappointment: Taylor Lautner Refuses To Take His Shirt Off

Why, Taylor Lautner? Why? Here we were, totally looking forward to the second season of the comedy horror series 'Scream Queens', when Taylor and his co-star John Stamos had to go and ruin the whole thing by letting us know that we won't get to see Tay shirtless. Is life even worth living anymore?

Scream Queens Taylor Lautner Shirtless
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Taylor Lautner, 24, and John Stamos, 52, play super hot surgeons on the next season of FOX’s Scream Queens, but on the Aug. 8 red carpet for the FOX Summer TCA Press Tour, the co-stars let us down by confirming Taylor will NOT be shirtless in the show. “The first script had both of us shirtless in separate scenes. He talked his way out of it,” John told Entertainment Tonight.

We’re going to choose to read that as the following: though Tay talked his way out of being shirtless in a separate scene from John, there is now the possibility that they WILL appear shirtless in the same scene. Just let us have this one.

Anyway, Taylor himself bemoaned the struggles of being shirtless all the freaking time (we know, it’s hard): “I’ve had so much shirtless in my life that I need a little break. But there is a fair amount of sexy scenes for everyone,” he said at TCA. Good. This is good news. “I haven’t been shirtless yet but I’ve been stripped down a little bit.” Okay, we’ll take it.

John Stamos fans will also be pleased to hear that unlike the disagreeable Taylor Lautner, the Fuller House star WILL be baring all. “[One of my scenes] went from shirtless to completely naked in the shower. Glen Powell and I have a naked shower scene together…I get a letter from my lawyer saying, ‘Hey, check this out,’ and it was from legal saying, ‘We’d like to show John Stamos’ butt in episode 203 and 202. Is that alright?’ I was like alright, well, here we go. I’m 53 next week, I might as well get it out there now.” Bless.

Taylor Lautner — PICS

HollywoodLifers, are you bummed that Taylor Lautner will not be shirtless on Scream Queens? What other body parts of his would you like to see “stripped down a little bit”?

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