Cate Blanchett Goes Bald In Crazy Massive Attack Video For ‘The Spoils’ — Watch

In the wild music video for Massive Attack's 'The Spoils,' iconic actress Cate Blanchett undergoes a bizarre transformation. Click inside to watch!

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Cate Blanchett Bald
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Cate Blanchett, 47, is not afraid to switch it up a bit for the sake of art. The actress briefly appears in the beginning of the music video for “The Spoils” by Massive Attack, and what happens to her is totally crazy.

As the video begin it seems relatively normal, with Cate just appearing close to the camera in natural lighting before starting to slowly turn. As she turns we see her hair is pulled back, and her figure slowly moves away from the camera until the image starts to become distorted in different ways. Then suddenly she appears covered in some sort of wax or oil, as a red light blazes onto her from above making it look like blood. So scary.

The next thing we see is Cate’s face cut out, which makes her appear bald. When the image changes to a different angle, her eyes are close and she is, in fact, bald… but when her head starts to spin we see that it’s just an empty mask of her face. Um, creepy!

The mask is transformed into many different looks using wigs, make up, and more, but soon it is completely unrecognizable. At the very end, the mask that once looked just like Cate appears as a rotting corpse. You’ll just have to watch the video above to believe it!

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