Zayn Malik Caught Cheating On Gigi Hadid With Groupies? — Report

This is NOT cool. A shocking new report claims that Zayn Malik has been cheating on Gigi Hadid with a fan, claiming that they have secret hook ups whenever he's in NYC. Yikes.

Could this be the real cause of their previous break up and make ups? Sadly, it is being report that Zayn, 23, has a fan that lives in New York City that he “regularly” hooks up with behind his girlfriend, 21-year-old Gigi‘s, back. Please say it isn’t so!

“Zayn has a regular hookup in New York City,” a source close to the singer told Star magazine’s August 15 issue. “He met her at one of his shows a while back. He sneaks her into his hotel room or they meet up at a rented apartments with private entries.” Ugh, this is so upsetting to hear. We want ZiGi to last!

However, the report claims that Zayn’s secret hookups should come as “no surprise” to poor Gigi. “Zayn has no intention of settling down,” a source further explains. “There are plenty of signs, but maybe Gigi doesn’t care.” has reached out to reps for both Zayn and Gigi regarding this upsetting report.

Despite the reports that Zayn could be sneaking a fangirl into his hotel rooms in NYC, when he’s in the Big Apple with Gigi they are almost always spotted coming and going from her apartment. There’s also another report on top of that that claims Zayn moved into Gigi’s apartment in Los Angeles. So if they are living together, could he really be sneaking away to cheat? Hmm.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do YOU think Zayn could really be cheating on Gigi? Comment below.

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