Chad Johnson Gets Wasted & Poops His Pants On ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ — Watch

Yes, you read that right. Chad Johnson, AKA 'Bad Chad,' started the night taking in a lot of alcohol . . . and ended the night by letting it all out. Literally. Watch the insane 'Bachelor in Paradise' clip here.

Chad Johnson Poops Pants
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Let’s start from the top here: Chad Johnson, 28, got completely tanked on the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, which caused him to fight with pretty much every person in the house — mainly Lace, who he both hooked up with and called a c–t in the matter of hours. He also said some very hurtful things to Sara, mocking the fact that she has one arm. Yes, really.

So, when he finally did pass out drunk next to the pool, a crab crawling in his hair (yes really), everyone was pretty revealed — but the next morning he woke up without underwear. And Vinny told us why.

See Pics From ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

“Not only did he lose his mind, he lost all the contents in his body. Apparently he pooped his pants,” Vinny said while cracking up to the camera.

While yes, it’s hilarious, it’s also gross… and ridiculous that a grown man got that drunk and didn’t even remember it. But he was later sent home much to his surprise, after Chris Harrison told him that he not only was offensive to the whole house, he was also rude to the staff (telling them to “suck a d–k.”)!

Again, Chad had no memory of anything that went on. Regardless, he was sent home and did not leave quietly. He instead screamed at Chris Harrison over and over again, telling him all he does is drink mimosas (What?! Pics or it didn’t happen!). Chris put it pretty well: he turned paradise into hell.

So HollywoodLifers, do you think Chad should have been sent home? Or do you think he should have stayed? Let us know!

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