Michael Jackson’s Doctor Claims Star Was Raped: Shocking Childhood Secrets Revealed

So shocking! Michael Jackson's doctor is making bombshell claims that the legendary singer was raped as a child. Conrad Murray has a new book out and is sharing with the world some tragic secrets that the late singer allegedly kept deeply hidden. Keep reading for more of on the scary things he says Michael told him.

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Michael Jackson Raped
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“You see, Dr. Conrad, I’m a victim of sodomy,” Conrad Murray claims Michael Jackson confided in him, and it was a secret that he says he never supposedly never shared with anyone else, not even his BFF, late actress Elizabeth Taylor. “Everyone always spoke to the fact of how I was beaten by my father, how I was called names and told I was ugly,” he continued, further telling him, “I agree that all of that happened to me…I’m sure similar experiences are happening even today to children in many families, but they are not sodomized. I don’t think that is common.” So scary!

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Now keep in mind that Michael has been dead for seven years, so there’s no way to confirm or refute the claims that Conrad is making in his new tell-all book “This Is It: Laying Bare Grim Details From the King of Pop’s Life.” The fact that he’s trying to sell copies with salacious details about the pop singer’s private world should raise some red flags, but that’s not stopping him.

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He claims that Michael’s ever evolving physical appearance was because of the trauma he suffered as a child. “I couldn’t stand looking anymore in the mirror, so I had to change my appearance…I thought [it] would make me forget my past, but it did not make me forget anything,” Michael allegedly told Conrad in a fit of tears. “I remember how painful it would be, the objects would hurt me so deep.” How incredibly sad!

Conrad served two years in prison for the singer’s death, after an L.A. jury in 2011 found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter for giving the King of Pop a fatal overdose of the anesthetic propofol. It’s unclear why he’s waited all this time to make such bombshell claims or why he would spill Michael’s deepest secrets that he entrusted his doctor with. It seems a little sketchy, especially since there’s no way Michael can tell us if he really told Conrad those things.

HollywoodLifers, do you believe Conrad’s claims about what Michael allegedly told him? Or do you think he’s just trying to sell more copies of his book.