Prince: Suicide Note Professing ‘Love, Love, Love’ Found After His Death — Chilling Report

This is absolutely chilling. Two months after Prince tragically passed away, the contents of an alleged suicide note have been revealed. Though his death was ruled an accidental overdose, the note may prove it was intentional. Find out what it said, here. Completely heartbreaking. Prince's April 21 death was ruled an accidental overdose, but on June 22, reports of a suicide note are making everyone question what actually happened that day. Here's what the devastating note allegedly said.

“It was scrawled in big letters on a page ripped from a notebook,” a friend of Prince’s told InTouch on June 22. “It was chilling and read simply: ‘need something to make the pain stop, even if it means ending everything somehow. It’s time to go, I didn’t mean to leave so soon… I didn’t mean to leave now. Love, Love, Love.'”

The friend reflects on reading the words allegedly written by Prince right before taking the Fentanyl that killed him. “It was almost lyrical,” they remembered. “He knew he would finally do himself in with a deadly dose of opiates.” Wow. This changes what we believed we knew about his finals days on Earth. The friend says that it was a staffer who found the note before hiding it away from police and the public.

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“Prince’s final farewell was found by this person among the clutter of Prince’s notebooks and papers,” the friend explained. “It was what the deeply private star would have wanted. He wanted to be remembered as one of, if not the greatest, pop stars of all time, someone who spread love and joy through his music – not someone who’d done this to himself.”

We have yet to see the note, or verify it’s existence, but it would certainly change the story of his death dramatically if it’s true, which his friend insists it is. “I’ll never forget what he wrote” the mused. “I can’t get it out of my mind. ‘It’s time to go. I didn’t mean to leave so soon.'”

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