James Corden Joins The Cast Of ‘Hamilton’ For An Exciting Tony Awards Opening

He's back on the stage, and with one of the greatest casts of 2016! James Corden rocked open the 2016 Tony Awards with some help from his friends at 'Hamilton,' and it was as incredible as it sounds. James Corden, 37, stepped out of the carpool lane to host the 2016 Tony Awards on Sunday night, June 12, in New York City. It's no surprise that he opened with a song, which was like watching him embrace his time on Broadway long before he became a late night talk show host.

Amazing! James joined the cast of everyone’s favorite musical, Hamilton, as the different cast members rapped his introduction. They even made a nod to his role in Into The Woods! When James took the stage he sung his name while holding a Tony Award, and when he sang that he would be giving them out he had to fend off the cast from taking it. “Just you wait,” he told them as the crowd laughed, especially since Hamilton was nominated for a record-making 16 awards.

“I promise you tonight will not be all about Hamilton, we will also have some commercial breaks,” James joked in his opening monologue. He then took aim at the 2016 Oscars for their lack of diversity, and joked that Donald Trump was planning to build a wall around the Beacon Theatre to keep all of the diverse talent locked inside. Too funny!

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But, it didn’t end there. A moment later James broke into song as he recalled his childhood going to the theatre with his parents when he was just a little boy. Soon, the stage morphed into all of the different iconic musicals over the years. First he joined Les Miserables, and he even rocked a leather jacket as Danny Zuko in Grease!

However, it was the touching ending of his performance that was the standout. James was joined by children of different ages, sizes, and colors as he sung about how they could all one day be on this stage just like him. The stage faded to black, and when the lights came back on James was surrounded by all of the Best Actor and Acrtress nominees for the finale. Incredible!

Before taking the stage, a nervous James talked about how exciting it was to be hosting the 70th Annual Tony Awards. “You always hope that you might be in a position where you might get asked to host such a show,” James explained. “It means a lot to me to do it. It means more to me to host this show than any other show.

James continued, “I think it’s the best awards show on television. I’m very, very nervous… we’ve got some stuff planned and I hope it’s alright.” We’re sure James is going to do just fine, and if all else fails… maybe Adele will show up for an impromptu Carpool Karaoke!

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