Stephen Curry Desperate To Silence The Roni Rose Rumors: Ayesha’s My Everything

Stephen Curry wants the rumor mill to stop! As speculation continues that Roni Rose is Steph's side chick, he's desperate to shut down those rumors and prove that he's completely dedicated to his wife, Ayesha. Get the EXCLUSIVE details right here! With the adorable family Stephen Curry and Ayesha Curry have, it's hard to believe that anyone would question the NBA superstar's faithfulness to his wife. So now that Roni Rose sparked rumors that she's Stephen's side chick, the 28-year-old b-ball star is frantic to find a way to silence the cheating talk!

“Steph doesn’t like this Ronigate scandal he’s found himself in. He appreciates her love as a fan but at the same time, he doesn’t like all the drama that’s been going on. Steph’s a married man and Ayesha’s his everything,” a source revealed to EXCLUSIVELY. “He was completely caught off guard when he saw this woman staring him down like he was a piece of cattle. Steph’s told his teammates and his wife he’s going to do his best to be more humble and not look into the crowd when he’s hype. The last thing he needs at this stage is a distraction away from the court.”

Aww, poor Steph. He has to watch all of these rumors spread even though he knows it’s not true! Considering he and Ayesha used to make headlines for their sweet love story and precious family, surely Stephen never would’ve thought he’d be the subject of a massive side chick scandal like this…especially not with such an intense woman!

In case you missed the look that Roni gave Steph during game 2 of the 2016 NBA Finals, it certainly seemed like she was making a sexual advance toward the Golden State Warriors point guard as he walked off the court. Although she claimed that her sexy look was just a way to give Stephen and his team “a little motivation,” anyone who saw her look immediately wondered if there was something going on between Roni and Stephen. He has yet to actually speak out on the whole ordeal, but it sounds like he’s totally freaking out!

In fact, another source told us that Stephen “hates every second of the controversy,” and is mostly concerned with the affect the rumors will have on Ayesha and their two kids, Riley and Ryan. But as stressful as it is for Steph to be dealing with this scandal in the midst of the NBA Finals, we’re also hearing that Ayesha isn’t even phased by the side chick speculation — and she’s really the only person Stephen needs to be concerned about!

Considering the Warriors are up on the Cleveland Cavaliers 2-0, it might not be long before the Finals are over. And once there’s no more games for Roni to attend, hopefully all of the rumors will fade away. But if not, surely Stephen will take action to prove his faithfulness to his “everything”!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Stephen will do something to shut down the rumors? Do you think he’s messing around with Roni? Tell us below!

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