PrankvsPrank Couple Jesse & Jeana Announce Heartbreaking Split — Watch

This is the most devastating news. Jesse Wellens and Jeana Smith, who you probably know from their YouTube channel 'PrankvsPrank' has decided to call it quits. Not just from their daily videos, but also from their relationship, after 7 long years. See their tragic farewell, here. Get ready to sob. BFvsGF posted a ten-minute YouTube video on May 18 to announce that they're ending their daily vlog channel as well as their relationship after 7 years in the public eye. We've loved watching Jesse Wellens and his girlfriend Jeana Smith prank each other on their other channel PrankvsPrank too, and our hearts are totally broken that it's over! See their emotional video, right here.

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“Long story short, Jeana and I are going to take a break,” Jesse admitted in a new video called A New Chapter on May 18 on their BFvsGF channel with Jeana looking devastated beside him. “From vlogging, from each other. I’m going to move to New York City. Jeana’s going to stay here.” Say it ain’t so! The popular PrankvsPrank and BFvsGF YouTubers have totally crushed their fan’s dreams. They have almost 20 million subscribers between the two massively popular channels.

“Jeana and I, for a while now have been having a lot of issues in our relationship and it’s been hard,” he went on. “A lot of stuff goes on that we don’t record, of course, because we only want to show the positivity and awesomeness in our vlogs, but we don’t want to show the hardship in our vlogs.”
“Everybody thinks everything’s perfect,” Jeana finally chimed in while stifling tears, “that we have a perfect life, and it’s really not at all what people sometimes think. Everybody has problems, everybody has issues.”

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Perhaps most shocking is that Jesse admitted that it takes a toll to be so open with your fans. “The hard thing is we shared our lives with you every day for maybe about 7 years now. Every couple that I know personally that daily vlog together, it always burdens their relationship.” This is so sad! Jeana reacted the way any girl does in a breakup, saying she “feels stupid” for ending her relationship after being so public. However, some fans speculate that Jesse cheated on Jeana. Here’s why.

Clearly, the duo knows what’s best for themselves and their relationship. We’re glad that they’re taking the time they need, and though fans seemed totally crushed, most of their comments on the video were loving and supportive. They admitted that they worried about losing fans from the split, but thank goodness it doesn’t look like they have to worry about that. Of course, there is always the slight worry that this is a huge prank, but their emotions seem very genuine. Plus, they will continue to use their Prank Vs. Prank channel, just not as a couple. Good luck guys we wish you the best!

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