Jodi Arias: Brutal Boyfriend Murderer Planning Prison Wedding To Mystery Man — Report

Well, this is weird. Jodi Arias is reportedly getting married in prison, despite serving a life sentence behind bars for horrifically murdering her former boyfriend. Jodi Arias, 35, has allegedly been corresponding with "many men" from her prison cell, claims a new report. Now, the infamous murderer might be preparing to walk down the aisle -- or the prison hallway -- to her future husband.

Jodi Arias Getting Married
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Has Jodi Arias managed to find love from inside her prison cell? A shocking new report claims that despite being isolated to her small cement room, Jodi has been “corresponding” with a suitor that she has allegedly told one of her friends she plans to marry. Whoa.

“Jodi is planning a prison wedding. She wants to have all of her friends and family there,” a friend of Jodi tells InTouch magazine inside their May 16 issue. “It will be a fairy-tale wedding to a man she loves.”

From the outside looking in, this is an incredibly bizarre situation unfolding for Jodi based solely on her romantic history. As many of you might remember, Jodi is currently serving a life sentence in Arizona’s Perryville prison for brutally murdering her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, inside his apartment in 2008. Five years later in May 2013, Jodi was convicted of first-degree murder at the end of a highly publicized trial.

But, Jodi is looking to move on and “embrace love again,” her friend shared with the outlet. Jodi is ready for “the happy ending she’s always wanted.”

Believe it or not, the report claims there has been a “steady stream” of “love letters” from men looking to court Jodi into a romantic relationship. “She receives marriage proposals on a weekly basis,” the friend shared, revealing that some of the men are married and “offering to leave their wives for her.”

The friend claims that Jodi won’t share who her groom could be, but that she has a very detailed idea of what she wants for her prison wedding. “She wants to wear a figure-hugging dress and hold a bouquet,” the friend shared. “A flashy diamond ring and wedding band have also been things Jodi has talked about. She also wants to have photos as a reminder of the day.”

Unfortunately for Jodi, a big “flashy” wedding is definitely not in her cards so long as she remains in prison. The guidelines of the Arizona Department of Corrections will not allow her to wear a gown or exchange rings if she does, actually, get married.

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