Zac Efron & Sami Miro: The Real Reason They Split Revealed

We're still totally heartbroken about the April 25 news that Zac Efron split from his girlfriend of two years Sami Miro. The couple seemed perfect for each other, but now a source tells EXCLUSIVELY why it didn't work out. Here's the scoop. Awww! Zac Efron, 28, and Sami Miro, 28, seemed so happy together! What went wrong? A source told EXCLUSIVELY what lead to the couple splitting after 2 years, and it's not what you may think. We have all the details, right here!

Why Zac Efron Sami Miro Broke Up
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We learned on April 25 that Zac and Sami called it quits after two years together, and now we know why. “Zac is finally getting to a place in Hollywood where he wants to be,” the source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “With big tent-poles like Baywatch and Neighbors 2 coming down the line he can now start picking roles that get him to a different place in Hollywood.”

“He always has wanted to be the next Leo DiCaprio and he hopes now that he has the box office behind him that producers and directors will start giving him more chances other than the lame romantic comedies he gets pitched every five minutes,” the source continued. The problem is that all of that work has him super busy. Like, too busy for his gf Sami.

“All of this totally took a toll on his relationship with Sami,” the source explained. “He was moving forward in his career and focusing everything on that and the relationship took the hit. There is no plans for reconciliation. It was him who broke things off and she is heartbroken!” Aww! That’s so sad. But probably better for Zac to be honest and call it off if he can’t be a good partner to Sami.

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