Apollonia: 5 Things To Know About Prince’s Ex-Lover

Apollonia was just one of the many notable ladies in Prince's life. Yep, she's the girl from 'Purple Rain.' So who is Apollonia? Here's 5 key things to know about Apollonia! Apollonia Kotero, 56, played Prince's super hot girlfriend in Purple Rain. She loved Prince, who was found dead on April 21, and always will. In case you need a refresher about the singer/actress, HollywoodLife.com has rounded up 5 facts to know about Apollonia.

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1. She co-starred in his 1984 film Purple Rain.

Apollonia, whose full name is Apollonia Kotero, played Prince’s sexy girlfriend in the cult classic. She notoriously jumped in the cold waters of Lake Minnetonka in the film. 

2. She claims Prince was never her boyfriend. 

During an episode of Oprah’s Where Are They Now?, Apollonia denied the Prince romance rumors.  “We were, and still are, platonically, romantically involved. There’s a lot of romance,” she said. “He was not my boyfriend, but he’s my greatest friend.” Hmm…

3. She rushed to Minnesota after hearing of Prince’s death.

HollywoodLife.com learned EXCLUSIVELY that Apollonia headed to Minnesota after the tragic news became public. “Apollonia is dealing with the news and trying to process the news like us all,” an insider told us. “She is on her way to Minnesota now. She is devastated like us all.”

4. She was the lead singer of Apollonia 6.

Apollonia was the lead singer of the band created by Prince in the 1980s. This was after Vanity, lead singer of Vanity 6, left the band for a solo career. Apollonia got the lead role in Purple Rain, and Prince renamed the group Apollonia 6.

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5. Apollonia’s appeared in many TV shows. 

Before Purple Rain, Apollonia appeared on TV shows like CHiPs and Knight Rider. Following the success of Purple Rain, she went on to play the girlfriend of Lorenzo Lamas on Falcon Crest. Years later, she appeared on E!’s Celebrity Homes and MTV Cribs.

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