‘Younger’ Post-Mortem: Dan Amboyer Breaks Down Shocking Last Scene

Younger just got really real. With the season two finale coming next week, we knew this one would end with a cliffhanger, but we did not see this coming. Luckily, HilDuff's TV fiancée, Dan Amboyer broke it down for us! Warning: spoilers ahead! If you did not watch the March 16 episode of Younger, you're about to find out what went down. Literally. And why -- straight from Dan Amboyer, AKA Thad.

Younger Did Thad Die
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What was your reaction when you found out about that scene?
Dan Amboyer: Alright so nobody knew! It wasn’t talked about around the set or anything. I got an email from [creator] Darren Star; I woke up at 4 in the morning to take a wiz, and I had this email saying, “Hey are you available tomorrow for a chat?” I had a flight the next morning to LA, so I had to wait five days and I was freaking out! They debated several different ways to go at the time. When I did read it, it was a total “What?!” moment.

But overall, this episode was awesome!
It was such a good episode, so I was okay with it — there’s a lot for Thad in this on. The show is based on secrets — Liza has a secret, Thad has a secret. It’s a little bit cat and mouse game between them. And this one just has so much more.

Will we see more of you in flashbacks, etc.?
I don’t know about Thad — they just started writing season three this week. They were toying with flashbacks that didn’t make it earlier this season.

Toughest part all series?
In reality, it’s the next episode, the finale! (More on that to come later!)

How’s it been all season on set with Hilary Duff since you guys are pretty much in all your scenes together.
We’re all like old friends now. We’ve become more involved with each other’s lives outside the show. I didn’t know Hilary before this. I knew the icon and the legend that is Hilary Duff, but I never watched Lizzie McGuire,which ended up being a good thing. I connected with who she is, instead of bringing an idea.

Give us your best finale teaser!
I would say, expect the unexpected. This week is so huge — you may think you know how things are going to go, but the rug’s still going to get pulled out from under you.

Were you shocked by the episode, HollywoodLifers?

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