Sofia Reyes & Prince Royce Debut Romantic New ‘Nobody But Me’ Video — Watch

So beautiful! Mexican pop star Sofia Reyes is looking to cross over big time into the American pop world with her amazing new duet with her mentor Prince Royce. Called 'Nobody But Me,' the love song is sure to be a breakthrough hit for the singer with her gorgeous new video. Wow! Just when we were looking for the next big thing to come along in music, we've got it with Sofia Reyes, 20. She's just released an English version of her hit ballad "Solo Yo," which translates into "Nobody But Me," and she sings it along with the man who discovered her, Prince Royce, 26. Their video for the song dropped on March 14 and already we're in love with it!

Sofia looks SO stunning in the video, where she spends much of it seated in a white lace dress on a piano bench pouring her feelings out for the cameras. The action takes place inside a giant mansion with sensational costume changes and boy do these two make an easy on the eyes pair, even if their only scenes together comes at the end where they finally join up to sing the chorus “Just don’t let nobody but me, break your pretty heart to pieces,” together.

The Spanish version called “Solo Yo” dropped on Valentine’s Day, but now we have the gorgeous video in English featuring the Bronx-born singer songwriter and his protegé. The song was initially written in English by Sofia and Taylor Parks, and now it’s finally getting its big debut for non-bilingual audiences.

Sofia has had quite a meteoric rise to fame, after she posted videos of herself singing and playing the piano on youtube, she caught Prince Royce’s eye and he immediately signer her to his D’Leon Records label. Now he’s helping further her career by singing and starring alongside the gorgeous Sofia in a new song that we’re sure will bring her a whole new audience in the U.S.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of Sofia and Price Royce’s romantic new duet?

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