Joshua Holz: 5 Things To Know About The ‘Damn Daniel’ Videographer

Everyone in the world is freaking out about the hilarious 'Damn Daniel' video that started going viral on Feb. 15. We know Daniel Lara is the adorable subject of the vid, but the guy talking behind the camera, Joshua Holz, is also a cutie. Here's 5 things to know about him. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the guy behind the camera of the "Damn Daniel" videos is just as cute as the dude in front of it. His name is Joshua Holz, and he's the one who aggressively compliments Daniel Lara in the now-viral sensation. To help you get to know this mysterious heartthrob a bit better, we put together a list of 5 facts about him, here.

Who Is Joshua Holz
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

1. He’s a surfer.

Josh makes some super cool videos of himself surfing, and he seems to be pretty good at it! He’s a California boy through and through, posting pics surfing in San Clemente, Oceanside and Laguna Beach. Not to mention, he’s got a super hot bod.

2. He skateboards (of course).

If you hadn’t guessed by him talking about Daniel’s vans and using the word “stussy”, Josh is big into skateboarding. He can be seen on his Instagram doing tricks on a ramp and rockin’ the vans while rolling around shirtless. DAMN, JOSHUA!

3. He’s a big fan of rap music.

Josh’s Twitter is chock full of support for some of his favorite rappers. He’s retweeted dozens of tweets from Kanye West and Chance The Rapper, especially before The Life of Pablo came out. But it doesn’t stop there. He’s also shared the cover of the new Future album, tweeted about Young Thug and praised Frank Ocean’s music.

4. He’s got a celeb crush on Selena Gomez.

Who doesn’t, really? Josh retweeted a funny tweet of Selena looking gorgeous with an “upgrade” button, then a photo that says “the action is not possible”, basically meaning she’s perfect. We can’t help but agree. The guy’s got good taste!

5. He’s had celebrity encounters.

And he was totally starstruck! Once Josh ran into some of his idols, Instagram stars Alexis and Jay, who have amazing adventures and document them together. Josh has an adventurous spirit of his own so he was super excited about it.

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