Madison Beer: The Love Advice Justin Bieber Gave Her For Relationship

Madison Beer stopped by our podcast and said that Justin Bieber is like a big brother to her and gives her relationship advice all the time -- so sweet! But listen to our interview with her to find out what he told her about dating! Who would have thought Justin Bieber would be doling at love advice! got a chance to catch up with the beautiful and insanely talented, Madison Beer, who says that dating Jack Gilinsky has been wonderful but they have ups and downs like any couple. It turns out her mentor, the Biebs, is actually the one she turns to for relationship advice and you won't believe what Justin told her to do so their relationship survives!

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“[Justin] has been so supportive. He’s been a big brother to me, the whole way through,” Madison tells “Like two weeks ago I even went to his studio and just sat and spoke to him for like two hours and just talked to him about life and about how he is, how I am, how your heart’s feeling, all that stuff. He’s just a caring person and I think that’s what’s important at the end of the day. No matter how famous he might be, he still is really caring about the people he cares about and I think that’s really nice. It’s refreshing to know that no matter how big you are, you still have a heart. It’s really great! Justin’s given me a lot of relationship advice because I do have a boyfriend and being a teenager and in love, it’s definitely a rollercoaster; it’s not all happy, happy all the time. So I go to him a lot because I know he had a – what – five year relationship with Selena. So I know he knows a lot about that stuff because they were both really young when they started dating. He just tells me to live in the moment and to be happy. Don’t make something so little a huge thing. And enjoy what you have.”

But she admits the distance and constant traveling has been hard on their relationship: “It’s not that easy. We’re away from each other – like we are right now. But even if we’re only away from each other for five days, it’s still time apart and we are away from each other a lot of the time.”

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