Goldie Hawn Spotted Wearing Diamond Ring — Marrying Kurt Russell Soon?

Are wedding bells finally beginning to chime for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell? She was seen wearing a diamond band just days after reports broke that the two are getting hitched early next year, which could very well be a hint that the rumors are true! Longtime partners Goldie Hawn, 70, and Kurt Russell, 64, have always faced the question as to when they'll get hitched, but now Goldie is sporting something that certainly suggests it could actually be happening: A diamond ring! While the actor and actress were out grocery shopping on Nov. 28, Goldie was spotted wearing a diamond band on her left ring finger. They've supposedly already started planning a big 2016 wedding affair, but could Goldie's ring mean it's happening sooner than we think?

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Goldie Hawn Wedding Ring
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The happy couple donned some super casual outfits while out at Whole Foods in Brentwood, Calif., as Kurt wore some cargo pants, flip flops, and a brown hoodie while Goldie wore an all-black yoga pant and jacket combo with sneakers. Although the two were dressed casually and seemed very nonchalant about their grocery outing, it was hard not to notice the sparkly diamond ring on her left hand! Plus, both Goldie and Kurt were awfully smiley to just be getting groceries!

It’s easy to speculate that Goldie’s ring is in indication that they’re getting married soon, because she was wearing the band just days after a report said Goldie had revealed wedding plans at her 70th birthday party on Nov. 21. A specific date was not mentioned, but UK paper Sunday Express reported that the nuptials are set to take place at a $3 million ranch in Aspen, Colo., sometime in early 2016. It seems only appropriate that she’d have a ring after an announcement like that, especially if a wedding is happening so soon!

Despite how likely a wedding may seem considering the rumors and the ring, a source told Daily Mail that the marriage reports were “highly improbable.” In addition, Goldie told Porter magazine just this year that “a lasting relationship isn’t about marriage, it’s about compatibility and communication.” But you never know, maybe a ring changed her mind! With 2016 right around the corner, we suppose only time will tell!

Do you think Goldie’s ring is a hint that she and Kurt will be getting hitched soon, HollywoodLifers? Should they tie the knot, or do you agree that marriage isn’t necessary as long as they’re happy? Tell us below!

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