Alexandra Breckenridge: 5 Things To Know About ‘The Walking Dead’s New Leading Lady

After that epic Rick and Jessie kiss on 'The Walking Dead,' everyone wants to know: who is Alexandra Breckenridge? has you covered! Alexandra Breckenridge, 33, has stolen hearts both in and out of the Alexandria community featured on The Walking Dead. While she's playing tongue hockey with Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) as Jessie, learn a little more about the actress, Alexandra, and where you might have seen her before the zombie apocalypse!

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Who Is Alexandra Breckenridge
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1.) Where You Know Alexandra From

So, you’re sitting there watching The Walking Dead and you think to yourself, “Wow, this Jessie girl looks awfully familiar.” Of course she does! You’ve seen Alexandra — as a redhead — on not one, but two seasons of American Horror Story. She played the seductress version of Moira, the housekeeper, on Murder House (season one). Then she appeared on American Horror Story: Coven (season three) as Kaylee, a witch who decides not to join the house. Later in the season we see her having an affair with Hank, Cordelia’s (Sarah Paulson) husband, before he kills her. Eek!

2.) She’s Connected To Katy Perry

So, how is an actress on The Walking Dead connected to international pop star Katy Perry? Easy! Her husband, Casey Hooper, is Katy’s lead guitarist. How cool is that? (FYI: Alexandra and her husband married in 2015.) Okay, be honest fellow The Walking Dead stars… you totally ask Alexandra for concert tickets, don’t you?

3.) Alexandra Loves Photography

Acting isn’t the only thing Alexandra is good at! She’s also a dedicated and talented photographer. You can see samples of her incredible work on her official site, Not only does she love to photograph skylines and atmosphere, but she also has a real knack for doing personal portraits and black and white shots. Just wait until you see some of her amazing shots! She often posts some of her photography on Instagram, but right now it’s pretty overwhelmed with all of her Walking Dead convention shots — which we ALSO love!

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4.) She’s Related To An ‘NCIS’ Actor

Acting runs in the family, apparently! Alexandria’s uncle, Michael Weatherly, who plays Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo on NCIS. Awesome!

5.) Alexandra Has A Bunch Of Tattoos

Even though we don’t see them often on camera, it turns out that Alexandra has a few gorgeous tattoos that she loves. One quick search on Google Images shows that she has a decorative N behind her right shoulder, as well as what appears to be a fairy on the back of her right calf. There is also a third tattoo on the top of her left arm which is a minimalist swirl that is likely a symbol for something important to Alexandra.

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— Lauren Cox