Candice: Swapnil ‘Would Have Beaten Everyone’ On ‘Project Runway’

Candice was one of the four finalists who made it to New York Fashion Week on the finale episode of ‘Project Runway’ -- but she thought the toughest competition was sent home before the finale show even started! Candice Cuoco, the extremely talented, (and unapologetic!), finalist on Project Runway season 14, might not have taken home the prize, but she thinks the real winner was long gone before the designers even sent their finale looks down the runway.

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candice project runway finale
Image Credit: Courtesy of Lifetime

The first big shock of the season was when Swapnil was sent home during the makeover challenge – and Candice believes that had he stayed, the win was definitely going to go to him! “Oh my G-d. Swapnil. Listen, my opinion on Swapnil is that he has more talent…in just the little time that he was on the show. I almost wanna say that he was too good for the show. I saw it coming, I was not surprised at all. Do I think if he would have stayed he would have beaten everyone? Yes. He is just so talented, it is a shame, different people thrive in different environments and I don’t think that’s the right environment for him. Hands down, you can’t say he is not an amazing designer and an all-around great person. I wasn’t shocked, but it is really sad to watch talent like that go, but then again you’re not sad because you know he is gonna have a flourishing career right when he walks out the door,” she said.

Swapnil was one of our early favorites, but it seemed like his time management was an issue that worked against him — and in the end that’s what sent him home. Although Candice is fond of Swapnil, she thought Tim Gunn was justified in his frustration with the designer. “I have to say that Tim is the kindest, most genuine man I have met in my life, both on and off camera, and you have to think about the situation that was taking place — we were making over these people he cared about and worked with for a long time. He’s so emotionally invested. If you’re gonna come off just the slightest bit careless, he’s gonna take it personal. I understood where he was coming from, yes. I shocked, yes, but it is just unfortunate,” she said.

Candice sent an exquisite, Asian-inspired collection down the runway filled with intricate detailing and luxe separates — there were cherry blossoms, leather, bustiers and cigarette pants — and it all felt oh-so-Candice! I loved watching her on the show — and she said she would love to get back in the workroom. “Hopefully Project Runway asks me to do All Stars,” she said. “I would be crazy all over again and do it all over again.” We would love to see it!

The talented mom-of-two expressed how surreal of an experience making it to New York Fashion Week on Project Runway was. “I was shocked and flattered. It is a huge opportunity and for three judges to believe in you enough to send you to New York Fashion Week, it really is humbling. I wouldn’t say I was shocked, but I was definitely taken back by it — it is a life-changing event. It kind of knocked me on my a-s in a good way,” she said.

The season was full of amazing designs and talented contestants — and we loved seeing the looks Candice sent down the runway!

Katrina Mitzeliotis